Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working together

Today the boys got to play in the snow for a long time. That is because Daddy played with them and not Mommy. I stayed inside and made cookies.

Nick and Alex decided Ryan needed to make snowballs for them and they loaded up the sled with them. Then they decided that their sled would go much faster if the path was covered with snowballs. But the sledding path was on the other side of the yard. So they worked together and carried the sled from one side of the yard to the other loaded with snowballs. Then they would take the snowballs and put them down the path and go back for another load. Ryan came in and pretty soon the boys decided they were getting cold. They got in the bath and then I told them to go upstairs and get dressed in dry clothes. We had to put the picture on here of Nick in the 'outfit' he chose.

It is wonderful to see the boys working and playing together!

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