Friday, January 1, 2010

Alex's Christmas

Alex celebrated his first Christmas with us! It was wonderful to have him here to hold and kiss- when he lets you. Alex came downstairs and was ready to open everything and play with it. He also got two transformers from Santa and a Little Einstein Rocket that drives and transforms into different vehicles. Once we told him there were more presents, he was ready to move on. Nick gave Alex a police car that includes a policeman and a dog plus all kinds of little accessories. Alex loves all the little guns and things. We gave Alex a camera (he loves to take pictures), a sweater, a Kung Fu Panda book and an ocean book, the same calendar as we gave Nick, stomp rockets, and something else- can't remember right now!
Our greatest gift this year was to bring home another son and I think even Nick would say his greatest gift was getting a brother. I am amazed by the progress they have both made over the past 6 months. Christmas was wonderful but definitly a lot for Alex to take in. He did really great!

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