Monday, January 25, 2010

bugs, peanut butter and Jackie, and rattlecake

Just some of the things I have been offered this morning while Alex is 'cooking'. (with play-do)
He really cracked himself up with the peanut butter and Jackie.
I am cleaning to get ready for a home visit tonight. It is our 6-month post-placement visit but Alex has actually been our son for a little over 7 months now! Tomorrow is his birthday and I have neglected to put pictures of our great weekend in Branson. Soon!

Here is a bit of our conversation in the kitchen:

Alex: You want nacho cookie?
Me: Sure.
Alex: It has rice, peanut butter, jelly, bugs.
Me: Bugs?
Alex: You like bugs. We cook it. You like it. It has some tomatoes. Do you like tomatoes or no?
Me: I do. But I like them better with a salad.
A: They don’t go better with a salad. If you want salad, that’s fine! I got some kitty cat for you.
Me: To eat?
Alex: Yes, to eat. Do you like kitty cat or no?
Me: Not to eat, no.
Alex: Why? It’s cookie.
Me: Oh, it’s a cookie that looks like a kitty cat?
Alex: Yeah, what do you like best? Mushroom kitty cat?

and so on...

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