Tuesday, February 2, 2010

These are few of our favorite things

Nick and Alex have some pretty interesting conversations in the car. Yesterday, when we were driving home from school, Nick said "Alex, what is your favorite thing?" Alex replied, "Ummm, eat spicy noodles." Then Nick said "Nope! Try again." So Alex said "ummmm, play and read books with Nick." And Nick said...
"That's right! You got it. You win the piston cup. Now don't forget you are suppose to say read books with Nick. Okay?"
Wow, those older siblings are something else, aren't they Jackie? She had to put up with me all those years so I guess she knows what Alex is going through.
But later that night, after a kid body-slammed Alex to the floor at McDonald's, Nick said in the car "Alex, I need to tell you something, I love you very much. Do you understand?"
Alex did not respond by saying oh, I love you so much too Nick you are the best brother in the world. But he did say yes and he didn't roar at Nick. So that is progress!

And mentioning another little brother, here is a picture of my newest nephew Tyson. He is 3 weeks old (yesterday), but this picture was taken when he was about 24 hours old.

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