Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Today was Nick's first snow day! He gets another one tomorrow. Unfortunately, it was way too cold to go outside. Sure the boys would have probably survived if I had bundled them up, but I have a condition called reynauds? that makes the cold pretty unbearable.

We had a great day inside though. The boys were great! They wrote their letters for a long time in their handwriting without tears book. We worked on the 'Frog Jump Letters'. I would sing the song for each letter and they would jump all around like frogs. Then they would draw each letter in the air. We used the chalkboard and wood pieces and mat that came with this curriculum and had lots of fun. Nick has made very good progress on his letters.

We also learned about Noah and sang a song about obeying. We worked on our Bible verses for a while for AWANA and for Alex's preschool (at home) and we practiced finding all the letters of the alphabet. We read a sight word book and were getting ready to paint when Ryan got home from work- so we went to Steak 'n Shake in the frigid weather. It's 11 degrees outside right now but the wind chill makes it feel miserable. Now to find a picture to go with this blog!

Oh, I have the perfect pictures. I made the boys special gloves to fit their hands exactly since Wal-mart doesn't seem to carry them. They were pretty thrilled by them although I think Alex's are already lost and one of Nick's is lost.

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  1. Oh I love the gloves! We have a snow day tomorrow too...I think our first ever. We have had early dismissal for tornadoes, but this is a first for snow. There is an inch, but it is so cold the roads are slick and it won't be melting for a while.