Thursday, April 8, 2010

Surgery Day for Alex

Yesterday, we practiced being doctors to get ready for surgery today.

We left the house today at 7:15. Alex and I took Nick to Grandma and Grandpa Bradley's house so they could feed him breakfast and take him to school. He was excited to get to bring his birthday treats to school today since we are going to pick him up early tomorrow on his 6th birthday!
Alex and I made it to Shriner's by 8:30 and checked in. We went upstairs to Same Day Surgery where they took his temperture and blood pressure and showed him his bed and pajamas. The nurse had a computer so he was very interested in talking to her and seeing what she was doing.

I took a before picture so we would not forget what his hand looked like. They cut the little extra finger off today. It was non-functional.

We headed to Recreational Therapy to wait to be called for surgery. Alex loved it and never thought about the fact he wasn't getting to eat or drink. I got to take a break while the RT watched him and go eat some yogurt and make phone calls.

The RT made me a little nervous when she told me we probably wouldn't get called until 12:30. I got my computer out and was about to get on facebook to post an update when they called and said they were ready for us! It was right at 10:30. We went back to his room and got into his jammies. They went ahead and gave him some "happy juice".

Alex was pretty out of it once we got to surgery.
The nurses took him back after I kissed him good-bye. I went out into the hall to call my family and just as I was headed back to the waiting room, John and Pam Weaver came in with baby Noah. They stayed with me the whole time I waited which helped the time to go very fast. John went back with me to see Alex in the recovery room.

It didn't take long for them to get him ready to go and we wheeled him out to the car in a wagon. He loved that. Alex was also very excited by all his presents. He got a cool dinosaur 3D book with glasses, a stuffed Moose, and hotwheels.
We left the hospital at 1:30 and headed to Grandma and Grandpa Bradley's house. Jackie was there with Tyson and Logan. I had to get a picture of Tyson in his cute outfit.

Grandma had dinner for us and we decided to drive down to Ryan's store to get Alex's prescription filled. Ryan couldn't get off work at such late notice so he had to miss out on today with Alex. He was glad to see that Alex was doing so great!
We go back in two weeks for a follow up and they will remove the bandanges then and probably rewrap it. Alex is pretty crabby and tired tonight. I don't know if his arm is hurting or if he is just exhausted. But he really did great today. Nick told me he was very worried about Alex all day at school.

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