Monday, April 5, 2010

The rest of Easter

We had three wonderful Easter services. Grandpa Bradley took the boys to McDonald's when we got to church at 7:30 since it would be such a long morning. I asked him what they ate and he said a breakfast burrito and a sausage patty. He said that Alex asked Nick if there was syrup on the sausage and Nick said, no, it is a stain. If it gets on you, it will stain. (It was grease :)Grandpa brought them back in time for the second service and they went to Sunday School. Then Nick came in to hear the music during the third service. It was so amazing watching Nick sing and praise Jesus on Easter morning. He really wanted to hear his daddy sing his favorite song: Something's Happening. Nick has every word of the song memorized and it has a lot of words.
It was a very windy Easter but beautiful. We took this picture of the boys with Grandma and Grandpa Bradley after church.
Ryan wore the same tie as Michael- our music minister :) Do you see the dirty look he giving me when for taking the picture? Michael was too busy discussing something musical with my mom to notice.

I had two pictures of the boys with Ryan and couldn't decide which one was the best, so I posted both of them.

After church, we headed down to Farmington to see Grandma and Grandpa Pruett and Uncle Nathan and Aunt Charlene.

We had a fun afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa Pruett's. I'll post pictures on one more Easter blog. Whew!!!

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  1. You look thin in your easter dress, Julie. I can tell you've been working out!!