Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Big Day Tomorrow

Alex is having surgery! He will have his extra digit on his right arm cut off tomorrow. Of course, he is a little scared but he is also excited. Two reasons...
1. He doesn't 'get' to brush his teeth in the morning. He still hates to brush his teeth.
2. He gets a really cool surprise present after surgery.
We are going to Shriner's Hospital for Children where Nick had his amazing surgery two years ago. It is such a wonderful place- as far as what they do. It is not wonderful what so many kids have to deal with but they are very resilient.

And I missed blogging about another monumental event in Alex's life. He registered for Kindergarten a few weeks ago. He did really great and got to do his screening with Mrs. Brown. She is Nick's teacher this year. I think I could write a whole blog on how wonderful she is and maybe I will. But not tonight. I need my pre-surgery sleep!

Here is a picture of Alex outside the school on the day of Kindergarten registration.

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