Monday, April 19, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Overall, Alex seemed very happy today at Shriner's. It was a little shocking at first to get the bandanges removed and he kept asking me where his little finger was- in other words, what did they do with it? Well, I told him they probably threw it in the trash. I'm not sure that was the best answer but he seemed okay with it. Alex may have experienced a little pain when we took the bandanges off. The OT said the blood will kind-of rush to that area and can cause some tenderness or pain.
Once the doctor came in and said Alex can do anything now including swimming lessons, bungee jumping, sky-diving, or whatever his mom will allow him to do, Alex was super excited and happy. Plus, he got another puppy dog from Shriner's and he got to go eat McDonald's with his mommy and play. He downed his cheeseburger in about 3 bites so he must have been super hungry!

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