Monday, April 5, 2010


A picture's worth a thousand words....
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of our Good Friday.
Go to my sister's blog and read all about it. Thanks for taking pictures Jackie. We did have a great day at Grandma and Grandpa Bradley's hunting for eggs with the cousins. Here is the link to her blog:
The only problem is going to be getting her blog into my book at the end of the year, but I'll figure something out...
Friday night, we went to the Good Friday service at church. I played the keyboard and Ryan sang in the praise team, so the boys sat with Grandma and Grandpa Pruett and Grandpa Bradley. Grandma Bradley was playing the piano, of course. Nick got to take the Lord's Supper for the very first time. He was very excited about that. Alex was not too happy about it but he did a good job and didn't make a fuss during the service. We were very proud of both of them!
Saturday, Ryan was off work and we had a relaxing day and didn't do too much. The boys dyed more Easter eggs. Since my two boys had eaten almost all of their Easter eggs by Saturday, I let them color more. They turned out really pretty after they painted them and sprinkled them with glitter.

The boys were very tired by the time we put them to bed Saturday but also very excited. Alex's bedtime prayer went something like this (I'll give the condensed version):
Thank you for God, thank you for Nick, thank you we go Grandma's house and Logan and Tyson there and first we make eggs and then we put stickers and then I put on a spider man sticker and then we eat pizza and I eat pepperoni pizza and then we hunt Easter eggs... you get the idea.
Nick's prayer went something like this:
Thank you God for tomorrow is Easter and the true meaning of Easter is it is really all about your son Jesus Christ and that He died on the cross for our sin and He rose again. And Jesus is alive... and Nick's prayer went on for a while too just like any good preacher, right?
The Easter bunny came during the night and left a trail of eggs from the boys rooms to the kitchen where their Easter baskets were. Thanks for the idea Michael and Kerry.
So Nick got up and said to Ryan "Happy Easter, Dad. Isn't it a beautiful day? I'm so glad it is Easter morning."
Alex got up and said "Are these all my eggs?" I really should have written that in all caps because that is how he said it.
We made the boys get dressed really fast since we had to be at church by 7:30. By the time they looked at their baskets and took pictures, we were five minutes late, but it was okay.

More to come...

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