Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's finally here!

Two very excited little boys headed off to their first day of school today! For Alex, it really was his very, very first day of school. He is starting Kindergarten. And Nick was the expert 1st grader today who could tell Alex how things were going to go!

Of course, we had to get brand new backpacks to start the year. Alex picked out a Lightening McQueen backpack at the Disney store, and Nick picked out a new green backpack at Old Navy that has dragons. It also happens to have skulls which I didn't notice until we got home!
We also bought new lunchboxes because both boys wanted to be "brought from homes". I let them pick out danimals and a lunchable for their first day. I also stuck a little picture in their lunchbox.
The parking lot was crazy when we got to school. I think this is because everyone is going to drive their primary kids this year. Our school district is only running one bus for K-12 this year and so the little kids would have to catch the bus really early in the morning and ride for a long time. Alex was ready to go and told me not to walk him to class!
Nick wanted me to walk him to class. We put his backpack outside the door and then he headed out for a few minutes of morning recess until the bell rings. Unstructed things like that kind-of freak Nick out, so I was a little worried about him. I'm sure once his teacher came to get them, he was fine.
Right now, Nick should be finishing up spelling and Alex should be finishing up music class. I can't wait to hear about their first day!

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