Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camping at Perryville

Grandma and Grandpa Bradley took us on a special camping trip July 4 and 5. We all stayed in a cabin by the lake. Let me clarify. Each family had their own cabin. The boys loved it because they had a bunk bed to sleep in. Logan loves to be outside and play in the dirt.
Nick kind-of shocked me when he decided to poor the whole bucket of sand and gravel all over his pants. He usually likes to stay clean.
Nick sat with Grandma and had a long conversation. Of course, this meant he pretty much just asked her four million questions. I'm always glad when he finds someone else to answer his questions :)
Nick and Alex had a lot of fun being with their cousins Logan and Tyson.

Alex took his digging in the dirt very seriously. He is a hard worker.

Ryan and Greg caught a fish in the lake.

Alex loved fishing and was pretty good at it. He would go over and cut off part of a hotdog, bait his own hook, and cast his line all by himself. I think he could have fished all day if we had let him.
Nick always enjoys being with Grandpa Bradley. He has a short attention span when it comes to fishing- kind-of like his mother.

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