Monday, October 25, 2010

Science Center- October 6th

Nick is always asking to go to the Science Center. I think Alex prefers the Zoo but he likes the Science Center, too. They both love seeing the big dinosaurs and playing on the computers. I became a member so everytime we make a trip to the Science Center, they get to go to the Discovery Zone. I wish our basement playroom could be like this room. Nick played doctor and walked around in with a cane and pushed himself around in a wheelchair. He looked at x-rays and gave a 'patient' a shot.

Alex found this whole box of animals and spent a long time sorting them all and playing with them. He was very busy. He also spent a lot of time playing with the water table.

Did I mention we had the discovery room to ourselves? Usually, they let a certain amount of kids in for the alloted time, but we were the only ones in the room.

St. Louis is a great city to live so close to. I'm thankful there are so many fun things I can take the boys to do.

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  1. THat's kind of like the set up at the Transportation museum. Did you ever do Creation Station there? It's really geared for babies through preschool but it only cost $1 per kid (after you pay admission for the adults) and you get to play for an hour. I wish that was our basement too.