Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Party time!

To avoid World War 3 at our house, I asked Grandma and Grandpa Bradley to go to the fall parties at school. We switched off. I went to Alex's party for the first half while they were at Nick's. Alex's class had a lot of treats and he was having lots of fun sitting at his desk and opening all the goodie bags. I found out he loves fruit roll-ups. I never think to buy those. He also got to go decorate a cookie with Mrs. Brown. After I left the party, Grandma and Grandpa said he got to play hot potato with a pumpkin. When he got out, he went over and sat by them and said 'that's okay, I wanted out anyway so I could sit by Grandpa.' Nick also had lots of goodies at his party. He was eating the icing off of a cupcake when I got down to the room. They played pass the pumpkin and made Halloween masks. Nick just stuck a bunch of random letters on his mask. I guess he was the letter man. Then he wanted to show me 'his' books and read a book to me.

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