Monday, October 25, 2010

The Circus

Once we convinced the boys to go to the circus, we had a lot of fun. It was interesting driving into downtown St. Louis from Illinois. The views are pretty. We walked past the people telling us we were paying for animal cruelty. Ryan told them- nope, we didn't pay. (Our tickets were free!)

Nick's favorite part of the circus was the high wire. But he loved all of it. He was hilarious during the tightrope act because he kept hiding his face he was so nervous. I don't think any of the performers ever fell off the tightrope. But they put the wire at an angle so the performer had to walk on the tightrope basically climbing a hill. He was almost at the top and started sliding backwards. He slid all the way back down to the first platform- maybe it was just for effect- but that really caused Nick to worry.

Alex was tired and told us he didn't like the circus. He did much better once I let him sit in my lap. Then he told us his favorite part was the chinese lions- which were people in costumes. He liked the tigers a lot, too and decided maybe he will be a tiger trainer. I think he is fearless enough to go into a cage with 10 tigers!

They both really likes the motorcyles that drove around in a cage. That was crazy. The whole thing was really good. Unfortunetaly we didn't get any really good pictues. Our camera batteries were low but we did get a few.

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