Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Tooth Fairy...

came to our house last night. Nick was so excited this morning and talking a little funny as he adjusts to the missing tooth. The new tooth is already coming in behind.
Loosing his first tooth turned out to be a little traumatic. He stressed about the loose tooth for a day or so and probably drove his teacher crazy telling her about it every few minutes. Last night at dinner, it was really hurting to eat and then started bleeding. So he started to get very upset and I said "Here, let me pull it out". So I tried and it just started bleeding a whole lot. Finally, Ryan got the tooth out. Nick bled so much. We finally got the bleeding to stop and got him all cleaned up and he calmed down. He was very excited to show everyone his missing tooth and ran up to show Grandma and Grandpa Bradley when we got to church.
And now some thoughts on Alex who was not thrilled about the tooth episode. Of course, we focused completely on Nick and so Alex got upset. And I had to hold him for a while and try to pull his teeth out. He slept late this morning and wanted me to hold him again. He was very snuggly and patted my back and then ran and hugged Ryan.
Alex has been so independent since we got him, it is kind-of nice that he is wanting attention from us and giving hugs and kisses. He really didn't understand hugging or holding when we got him. This is a good sign that he is starting to understand what it means to have a family and is really attaching to me and Ryan.
We've been blessed with two amazing kids!

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