Sunday, March 7, 2010

Everyone's Happy

Ryan is happy because he got a new Tassimo Machine. We tried to estimate how many cups of coffee his last one made- it was a lot!

Nick is happy because he got to watch two movies after AWANA tonight and finished his AWANA book for which he got a whole candy bar. He shared with Alex.

Alex is happy because he picked out a lunchable for dinner with cookies and I think only ate the cookies and maybe two pieces of bologna.

I'm happy because I have such an amazing family. What a difference being home for 8 months makes! The boys played outside today for such a long time while Ryan grilled and I set the table. First I had to scrub the table down- we ate outside. I can't believe the difference in those two. They ran all over the yard playing with sticks and on the playground and with balls. It made me look forward to summer. I just wish it could be this beautiful all summer instead of miserably hot!

Thank you God for the "discomfort" we went through to get to this blessed point.

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