Saturday, December 19, 2009

When I grow up

Alex is doing a new thing where he just roars like a dinosaur- very loudly- at random people and at extremely random times. He kept doing it to the two girls watching him last night and he did it last week when I went to school to pick Nick up. I was late and the only people in the lobby were Nick, the principal, the counselor and two other teachers. We walk in the building, Alex looks at all of them and roars. I'm sure they are looking forward to having him in school next year. Alex did tell us he wants to be a T-Rex when he grows up so I guess he is practicing.
Nick has decided he wants to be a nurse when he grows up. I told him that is a great idea. Our friend Tony is a nurse and he gets to do lots of gross things :) Nick mainly just wants to give people shots. We will see...

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