Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Joy of having a little brother

Nick is home from school this week for Christmas break getting to enjoy having a little brother. Alex likes to get Nick going. Right now he is telling Nick 'you are a donkey'. He thinks it is funny. Nick doesn't. Nick is trying to explain. Here are reasons why Nick cannot be a donkey:
1. They crawl on the floor. I'm a human. I walk on my legs.
2. I'm not hee-hawing. (Alex says 'you say it' and Nick says 'I don't want to say hee-haw)
3. Donkeys don't broom (Nick is trying to sweep the floor and doing a horrible job).
4. I don't live in a barn. I am Mommy's son and will always be Mommy's son. I cannot live in a barn.
And so the argument goes on and on... Until I say that's enough!

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