Monday, January 31, 2011

This is it... Christmas!

Well, I'll admit. This is all my pictures for Christmas this year. Pretty sad, huh? But it was a wonderful Christmas- I think our best yet. I was just too busy to take pictures. Both boys were old enough to understand what was going on and nobody had recently come home from China. That helped a lot. We had no break-downs. Nick and Alex played together so great and just had a blast being together. We spent time with grandparents and uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

We decided to let the boys open a present the night before Christmas eve. They opened their little spiders. It was hilarious. Alex was kind-of scared of them but thought they were cool. The spiders kind-of scurry around all over the floor and you can control them with their "leashes".
Christmas eve was spent with the Pruett family. We went down to Grandma and Grandpa Pruett's house after Ryan got off work. Uncle Nathan and Aunt Charlene were there along with the boys little cousin. Nick and Alex got a lot of good practice opening presents. And Grandma Pruett said she decided not to give them everything she had bought because it was too much. They got remote control skate board guys and a remote control cave man. They also got a V-reader with two games.
Christmas day we got up around 7 and the boys opened all their presents. They really like their Leapster Explorers. They have played with them a ton since Christmas- well worth the investment. They liked the dinosaur train characters that all talk to each other. And had a lot of fun opening lots of other things and playing with them.
Around two, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Bradley's house. Of course, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Greg were there along with Logan and Tyson. The boys had a lot of fun all playing together. Nick and Alex got really nice skateboards which can also be scooters. So once it warms up outside, we'll get some helmets and start riding. They have been riding them in the basement a little but it is hard on our carpeting.
The day after Christmas was a Sunday this year, so we headed to church. I think it is really exciting to get to see all your friends on Christmas weekend at church and celebrate the birth of Jesus. After church, we headed back to Farmington to get together with Ryan's extended family. We stayed a few hours and then came back to Festus so we could see our friends. We met Michael and Kerry at cowboy pizza. They had more presents for the boys and we had movies for Kaitlyn and Hannah. Since Zane was only four months old, we decided not to get him a movie.
It was a busy, busy weekend but wonderful and truly a blessing to be together as a family. Oh, and it was a white Christmas this year. It was beautiful! (and I got a Nook from Ryan!!!!)

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