Monday, January 31, 2011

Gingerbread Cookies

This was one of the songs the boys sang during their Christmas program at school. It was very cute! They were both very excited about singing in the Christmas program, but Alex didn't seem to have a clue that we were watching him while he was jumping all over the bleachers and playing games with his friend. All of the other kids were sitting very nicely, so I finally went up and told Alex he had to sit still with his hands in his lap. That seemed to work and didn't seem to embarrass him too much- I think Ryan might have been a little embarrassed.
Nick and Alex also performed in the children's musical at church. They sang a duet together. It was kind-of a disaster but of course, the program is always cute when it involves your own kid!
And at Grandma Pruett's church, Nick got to be the little drummer boy and sing a solo. Alex got to be a shepherd and also help Grandma lead music at a church service. We didn't get to see them perform at her church because it was the same nights as our program at church. We sang in the Living Christmas Tree. Ryan sang a solo called "The Star still shines". He did a great job. I stood close to the very top of the Christmas tree. I also had an older children's choir sing four songs. They did an awesome job and were so much fun to work with. Of course, Alex and Nick knew the songs for that too but they were still a little young to sing with my choir. In a few years, they will be ready to join us.

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